The first lift for SouthEast

日期:2011年5月6日 11:50

Recently, many Fuzhou Medias came to focus on the construction of the symbolic building located in Fuzhou Southeast city, because in the Fuzhou international exhibition center the steel­-made “skeleton” weigh 820 tons was lifted entirely. The staff of HXSS, who undertook the commission of abided of steel truss and the installation witnessed the historic moment. When they heard the news that the huge 800-tons steel structure was transported to the site successfully and lifted as high as meters, they all relaxed. The efforts made in the past month was well rewarded, the sweet smile flourished on everyone.


The strait international conference and exhibition center is one of the biggest Monomer exhibition center in China.It is composed by four complex and oval structures, and it looks like a butterfly. The banquet hall of the center enjoyed four features on the fabrication and installation of the steel structure.


First, there are numerous legs, the various directions and angles, as well as the accurate size, the great difficulty of processing. Second, the demand for welding is quite strict; there are many nodes in the welding of components.Third, welding is needed in many sections and demand is quite strict. Forth, improve the technique wholly, and adopt the following scheme:


The whole assembly, hydraulic integral synchronous ascension, and the various way of connection between steel ornaments put higher demand on construction technology.


It is said that the lifted steel truss spans widest 53meters and 4.2meters high, the weight reached 37 tons at the most. There are 17 main trusses the east- west layout and 6 subprime trusses the south-north layout. It was welded by H steel; it weighs 820 tons, and becomes the most weighted lift project in Fujian province. After lift, no pillars used to undertake the weight can be seen in the hall, so the successful lift was honored “The first lifting in southeast”.


While, all these mentioned above were just what challenged the staff of HXSS, the whole company showed great attention, with the carefully arrangement through organization and all the efforts, after overcoming many difficulties on made,progressing and limited time, we finally finished the presentation of lift work and assure the accomplishment on time.


The accomplishment of the great project in Fujian strait international exhibition center marked the progress of HXSS in the made and installation of steel truss. The stuff team also experienced test and exercise. As the system of salary changed to one-class not long ago , we firmly believed that HXSS would be more confident,more experienced and more incapable in finishing a bigger and more difficult program, and make contribution to the build of image of our company.


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