“new culture ,new Hangzhou ”activity

日期:2010年11月23日 11:54

On November 2th , companied  by  Jiang Dafa ,the vice president of Xiaoshan trade union ,Xi Fei Minister of  Hangzhou  Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and his group instructed and guided work of HXSS about the effect of “new culture ,new Hangzhou ”activity.


At first they listened to the report bout the effect of “new culture, new Hangzhou” activity, giving by vice president of trade union Zhao Xiaoli. We have 1800 staff in all and most of them came from nonlocal place. In view of this situation, with the concept of people-oriented, taking “new culture ,new Hangzhou” as a carrier, inputting financial and material resources to found chess room, table tennis room, basketball court, billiards room, Kara OK rooms, e-book store, reading books room, projection room and other public places, by carrying out various cultural activities and sporting events and creating activities, had  greatly enriched the cultural leisure life of workers, and provide workers a good learning, entertainment environment .After visiting the software and hardware device of the activity “new culture ,new Hangzhou “,the acceptance group  fully affirmed the work HXSS had accomplished .


When praising the results and efforts that HXSS has put on creating activities, director yang hoped HXSS can play a model of Hangzhou, truly providing exotic workers spiritual civilization homes, building a harmonious society, assuming more social responsibility to make greater contributions for the economic development of business and society

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