Shaping a brilliant HXSS with excellent leadership and executive power

日期:2010年10月28日 13:06

On September 29th, ever since the CEO of Fortune 500, now, the CEO of our company gave a profound course to the middle and above level management cadre with his own real-world experience of Management. Mr. Xiao supplemented and redefined the corporate culture of HXSS  and  dissected the means that how can we shape a brilliant HXSS, hoping every staff would make a contribution to the target of shaping a brilliant HXSS with new style.


As every one is familiar with it when talking about corporate culture, HXSS has been advocating its own corporate cuture for many years; however, what is the real corporate cuture? Mr.xiao said that corporate cuture  is the base for staff’ loyalty and motivation, and it can strengthen the centripetal force and encourage staff to work harder .While the leader can not do every thing in person, corporate cutureexists everywhere, so the corporate cutureis the base and guarantee for leadership and  executive power. Corporate cuture is the though, concept, pursuit and behavior for the managers and staff to apply  to their real work, where there is a enterprise there is corporate cuture


As an enterprise, it should cultivate its own culture, and never desert it. As we all know, the corporate cuture is changing with time to adapt to the changing economic climate, company’s status, company’s strategy, company’s business direction and changing demand, so different corporate cutureresults in different running direction and effects.


During the training process, Mr. Xiao took the values ??and philosophy of corporate culture as the focus. The  core values that  "integrity and dedication, respect for the communication, cooperation and the pursuit of excellence"  of HXSS should be penetrate into all parts of business development,  and "all members’ participation, continuous improvement, process-oriented, results, do the fine solid, cooperative win-win "business philosophy is also an important part of corporate culture.



Company’s mission is to create greater value for customers, provide staff development platform, bring long-term returns for our shareholders, and assume more responsibility for the community to make our company a sustainable development enterprise. HXSS’s corporate culture determines people's ideas and behavior, so the company's employees must accept and follow the corporate culture, the people who do not accept and follow the corporate culture he would not be a part of HXSS. We should build our company with excellent leadership and executive power to shape a brilliant HXSS.


Maybe everyone wonders that what is a brilliant HXSS? Mr. Xiao said that a brilliant HXSS consists of excellent staff, high quality, distinguished service and only all these reached the requirement of excellence can it be called brilliant HXSS.Brilliant HXSS is the core strategy and highest target, so any decision and behavior should be based on the goal of building a brilliant HXSS.Mr. Xiao holds a view that without differentiation and brilliance, We can only fall into a price war.


Price competition will not be a permanent way, so we must try to avoid it. Only excellent quality products and service can be the only way for HXSS’s s

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