Appreciating society and devoting true emotion

日期:2010年7月27日 13:18




Recently, in order to commemorate the 89 anniversary founding of Chinese Communist Party, the New Street government of Xiaoshan held a philanthropic meeting , on the ceremony of District Branch of New Street ,Shan Yinmu, the chairman of HXSS donated 5 million Yuan and was grandly recognized by the congress.


Shan Yinmu is a manager who always pursuits excellence .In the past two decades,  Mr. Shan has made a small workshop  develop into a listed company of more than  3 billion Yuan assets,  with more than 5000 employees, what’s more ,it has made HXSS to be the leading enterprise  of its domestic industry .


It is said that the biggest difference between merchants and entrepreneurs is the dedication to work and the sense of mission. As a businessman you can sell out the goods, while successful entrepreneurs are in charge of the fate for a company, meanwhile, they are full of strong dedication to work and the social responsibility. The most happiness of life span is that we can do something for both others and our society .Mr. Shan dedicated his life of charity like this. In the past years, Mr. Shan always engaged in poverty alleviation and social public welfare undertakings, positive assuming social responsibility, the donation amount reaching more than 1.6 million Yuan. These data fully show a strong social sense of responsibility of a entrepreneur to charity.


Hugo,a famous writer, said that “the sea is the vastest on the earth; the sky is vaster than the sea; a human mind is the most among the three”. The docile, guileless mind and social responsibility really reflect the value of Mr. Shan’s life.

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