The logo of HXSS and the related products achieved “2010 China brand of steel structure”

日期:2010年11月23日 11:54



On November 17, standing for the international summit ,the organizing committee of the international summit of steel structure 2010 Chinese brand, Li Zhaofeng, the secretary general of shanghai steel structure association ,awarded the chairman of HXSS 《the logo of HXSS achieved 2010 China brand of steel structure》certificate in person.


Not long ago, the most expected and concerned summit "influence the world - 2010 China brand international summit of steel structure  ." held in Shanghai. The summit of global concern was specially held during the Expo, so it attracted the most attention from the world. Yao Bing, the president of China Construction Metal Structure Association spoke highly of the summit. He said, from the majestic Chinese pavilion to colorful foreign pavilions, most of which adopted steel structure, so the expo is also a splendid steel structure building expo and achievement. We summarize, publicize and learn from the steel structure building from the Expo, therefore, it is also a way to learn the most advanced experience about steel structure of the world, and increase the confidence and strength through exchanging and learning. China is transmitting from manufacture to Chinese brand, so Chinese brand is steeping into the world and influencing the world.


With the characteristic of green, environment protecting, and low carbon, steel structure has led the construction direction of “realizing wonderful life”. This summit, the extension of the EXPO has firstly showed the international community the Chinese outstanding steel structure construction achievement since the reform and opening up, firstly concentrated promote steel structure buildings and products of green and environmental protecting .Numerous government officials, domestic and foreign steel structure industry famous experts, entrepreneurs, developers of many different nations got together and held multi-level comprehensive discussion.


HXSS, as a the listed company of the leader in domestic steel structure , no matter about industry developing or strategy planning ,has undertaken much national and social responsibilities ,especially on advocating and promoting steel structure developing into industrialization .What’s more, it has been identified as the "national housing industrialization base.


What made us comfortable and proud is that both the Chinese and theme pavilions and Guangzhou new TV tower all adopted the Steel truss template and CCA board researched and developed by HXSS, shedding luster on green Expo .In view of the significant Leading and demonstrating contribution in the process of advocating  and promoting green and low carbon construction and the advanced and scientific characteristic of relative products, the logo of HXSS, Steel truss template, Cold bay thin-wall Z (C) typepurlin connection were respectively awarded "China brand" honor by 2010 China brand international summit of steel structure .

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